Community Health Centers
CAREMINDr is uniquely suited to support the efforts of your Community Health Centers! CAREMINDr is a Digital Health Watchtower for a community.
For Physicians & Practices
Remote Patient Care drives better Patient Engagement, leading to better care-plan adherence and improved outcomes.
Health Plans
Improve population health and member satisfaction to boost Medicare Star and HEDIS Ratings.

Remote Patient Experts

Founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley, we are driven by a team of executive leaders and physicians with collectively more than 250 years of experience in health insurance, practice management, wellness, health systems and hospitals, pharmacy management, government, and population health.

What We Do

CAREMINDr’s focus on mobile-enabled Remote Patient Care is a game-changer. Physicians can now connect with their patient base beyond the office visit and monitor condition specific data generated by the patient. It’s a highly cost-effective, efficient method to enable better outcomes, early intervention when necessary and avoidance of unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits, all while generating significant new revenue for the practice. Click below for more detail.

Our Benefits

Mobile-enabled Remote Patient Care

CAREMINDr’s focus on mobile-enabled Remote Patient Care is the most convenient and efficient way to monitor patients with chronic conditions by consistently collecting patient-generated health information in between face-to-face appointments.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has demonstrated that physician communication between office visits with patients that have chronic health conditions improves their health and lowers healthcare costs. As a result, CMS created Chronic Care Management (CCM) programs that encourage physicians to monitor and communicate with patients with certain conditions between office visits, to keep them healthier and more engaged.

For Patients

Improve the management of health conditions and develop stronger relationships with doctor and health plan.

Physicians, Practices & FQHCs

Easily participate in CMS and private health plans’ chronic care management programs with a powerful mobile platform.

For Healthplans

Improve population health and member satisfaction to boost Medicare Star and HEDIS Ratings.

The unsolved challenge for physicians is how to monitor patients in an efficient manner, so they can easily participate in CCM programs administered by CMS and private insurers. CAREMINDr solves this problem by enabling doctors to effortlessly “check in” with patients receiving treatment for serious chronic conditions, in post-procedure recovery, or undergoing other transitions of care.


Helping to Deliver Unprecedented Patient Care




Doctor's offices help patients install and connect the CAREMINDr app.



CAREMINDr health journeys deliver mobile notifications directly to patients.



Doctors receive regular updates on patient health and progress.



Patients and doctors continue their wellness conversation with your privacy protected.



CAREMINDr is far and away the most affordable option we have found that meets HRSA requirements

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