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Who We Are

CAREMINDr, founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley, is driven by a team of executive leaders and physicians with collectively more than 250 years of experience in software technology, health insurance, practice management, wellness, health systems and hospitals, pharmacy management, government, and population health.

CAREMINDr’s focus on mobile-enabled “Remote Patient Care,” or RPC, is a game-changer. When you hear the term Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), you may think of traditional RPM based on phone calls and inconsistent collection of one-off patient data and information, with a low benefit-to-cost return on investment. With CAREMINDr, that model is obsolete.

CAREMINDr enables physicians to improve outcomes while also benefiting from new revenue streams to keep patients healthier. And our platform is scalable, to give doctors the RPC tools they need—whether they are part of a large group medical practice or a smaller independent office.

CAREMINDr offers a 3-prong product approach to communication with patients outside of the office environment:

Outreach enables messaging from providers and caregivers to patients, individually, in health-related groups, or all at once, giving those patients access to important information and resources they need.

LifeLine asks specific social determinants of health and activities of daily life questions, and provides immediate guidance to those patients in need to the appropriate community resources.

Journeys are management tools for condition-specific disease states such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Acute Viral Infections, including the Flu and COVID-19 Monitoring, measuring key biometric data as well as patient generated data related to their specific condition or disease state.  Our Foundation Journeys track health status and medication adherence.  The Back-to-Work (B2W) Journey tracks CDC recommended self-reported data prior to reporting for a work shift.  Over the next few months we will be releasing new journeys to address other disease states.

Many of these tools can actually generate significant new revenue sources for your practice or clinic, through existing CPT Codes, and lead to better outcomes and improvements to quality metrics.  These higher scores can produce higher reimbursement levels and additional bonuses from payers.

We also offer health plans, ACOs, and other organizations focused on population health the tools they need to help providers help their patients and achieve IHI’s Triple Aim of lower costs, healthier populations, and more satisfied patients and providers.

We’re revolutionizing RPC by tapping into societal trends in which patients already integrate mobile technology into their daily lives, whether they are using it for their professional lives or to chat on social media.

Even better, we’re leveraging patients’ love for mobile technology to keep doctors informed about their chronic health conditions and treatment plan adherence, to improve their health and the health of large patient populations. CAREMINDr also strengthens patients’ relationships with their physician and their health plan, and that leads to higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Industry Partners

The CAREMINDr team is honored to be partnered with this collection of businesses in the delivery of innovative digital solutions.

Coleman Associates can help reduce provider burnout, improve patient satisfaction, and hone telehealth, in-person & vaccine workflows. Coleman Associates have all worked in healthcare and bring practical, proven solutions to CHCs and practices to help produce dramatic results for patients and staff... results that no one thought were possible.

The Healthtek team has been providing development and creative services for the healthcare industry for over 20+ years. We’ve implemented custom portals which are used by thousands of companies, and well over half a million employees worldwide.

Pipedreams Media is a full-service content creation company. From creative treatments to production and post, our team aims to tell visual stories that elicit emotion and drive effective marketing. Trusted by major brands and local businesses, Pipedreams Media has the capability of fashioning unique content that meets the needs of our customers and their end users.



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