About Us

Who We Are

CAREMINDr, founded in 2018 in Silicon Valley, is driven by a team of executive leaders and physicians with collectively more than 250 years of experience in health insurance, practice management, wellness, health systems and hospitals, pharmacy management, government, and population health.

CAREMINDr’s focus on “mobile-enabled RPM,” or mRPM, is a game-changer. When you hear the term RPM, you may think of traditional RPM based on phone calls and inconsistent collection of one-off patient data and information, with a low benefit-to-cost return on investment. With CAREMINDr, that model is no more.

CAREMINDr enables physicians to improve outcomes while also benefiting from new revenue streams to keep patients healthier. And our platform is scalable, to give doctors the mRPM tools they need—whether they are part of a large group medical practice or a smaller independent office.

We also offer health plans, ACOs and other organizations focused on population health the tools they need to help providers help their patients and achieve IHI’s Triple Aim of lower costs, healthier populations, and more satisfied patients and providers.

And, this all aligns with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) and private health plans’ increasing coverage of RPM for Chronic Care Management (CCM), including CPT Codes 99490, 99487, 99489 and 99091.

We’re revolutionizing RPM by tapping into societal trends in which patients already integrate mobile technology into their daily lives, whether they are using it for their professional lives or to chat on social media.

Even better, we’re leveraging patients’ love for mobile technology to keep doctors informed about their chronic health conditions and treatment plan adherence, to improve their health and the health of large patient populations. CAREMINDr also strengthens patients’ relationships with their physician and their health plan.



I thought I could offer my patients some truly helpful information and a calmer perspective, which is why I’ve been using CAREMINDr. Having that direct connection helps cut through the clutter and communicate with my patients. Keeping them informed more effectively than other educational methods.

Samuel Fink, MD Solo Internal Medicine, Tarzana, CA

The pandemic is causing tremendous stress on everyone. Especially our patients quarantining at home. Remote patient monitoring, provided via CAREMINDr, lets patients know that we’re taking care of them and will intervene if needed. Having that daily contact reduces our patients’ anxiety - a therapeutic benefit all of its own.

Jon Regis, MD CEO of Reliance Medical Group- a 23-location, multispecialty group in the Atlantic City, NJ, region