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A combined solution for preventing the spread of COVID-19 throughout a workforce and providing Complete OSHA Compliance to Employers.

The Federal government has given ADA and EEOC guidance on the treatment of employees retuning to work during the pandemic. The CDC has also released similar guidance for employers on the prevention of disease spread through the workforce. The guidance now allows an employer to receive temperature and COVID-19 symptom information.

The information may be obtained either at work or remotely. However, taking someone’s temperature at work raises the possibility of contamination of the worksite and possible closing of the facility as we have seem in the closing of over 1,200 US meat processing plants. In some cases, temperature is now being taken at worksite entrances, but not documented, which is not in compliance.

All such information needs to be documented and kept in a separate and secure file. Back-To-Work, powered by CAREMINDr gathers this information before the employee leaves for work and stops a possibly infected employee from going to work that day.  All information is secure and documented.

Working collaboratively with the employer, Back-To-Work communicates suggested next steps as soon as the employee submits a daily report to their employer.  Information can go directly to the HR department, an in-house nurse or to an outside medical group.

The CAREMINDr “Back To Work Solution” User experience is explained here: : VIDEO (4 min), and “Reviewer”, the administrative side of the workflow here: VIDEO (3 min).

Many employees are told to stay home if they are sick. But, many infected people do not have apparent symptoms or have been infected by close contact with an infected person. CAREMINDr gathers contact tracing information in addition to daily symptom information to assist employers in identifying potential problem areas.