For Physicians

CAREMINDr benefits physicians/medical practices in the following ways:

• Generate new high-margin revenue under CPT Codes 99490, 99487, 99489 and 99091 from mobile-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM).

• A way to document—and get reimbursed for–non-face-to-face time that a physician may already be providing.

• Check-in feature allows physicians to monitor patients’ progress, health status and adherence to treatment plan.

• Easy-to-use, just plug and play. No IT integration needed.

• High benefit-to-cost solution: Efficiently reach a larger population in a shorter time and collect data in a more consistent, structured manner.

• Patient-generated health data easily collected and added to the EMR.

• Patient adherence is high using modern engagement tools.

• Patients have easy access to customizable links about your practice.

• Managed by practice staff, not physician.

• No set-up fees for the physician practice or patient.