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Transforming Primary Healthcare

For Those Who Need It Most

The majority of our nation’s most vulnerable individuals and families receive their primary healthcare through Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) and FQHC Look Alikes (LALs). CAREMINDr is transforming the way patients receive care from FQHCs and LALs- by providing Remote Patient Care in ways that have never been done before, including convenient Digital Housecalls.

Just like you, people use smartphones and mobile apps every day and CAREMINDr simplifies Remote Patient Care by coupling these familiar tools with advanced digital technology. CAREMINDr automates tasks that would have previously required filling out forms and long waiting times before an in-office visit to gather information from the patient critical to their care. CAREMINDr allows the patient to receive the care and guidance they need, in many cases without having to schedule an appointment or leave the convenience of their home!

This is the future of primary healthcare in America, and CAREMINDr is currently seeing a surge in adoption by FQHCs and LALs serving the populations that need it the most..

Patients receive better care because FQHCs and LALs can use existing staff more efficiently while avoiding the hassles and expense of having to hire and train new people. Patients can receive support for many different conditions, even chronic conditions because the FQHC or LAL can easily add other CAREMINDr solutions to address those specific needs. Patients get a higher level of sustained care from FQHCs and LALs utilizing CAREMINDr solutions.

Patients like the convenience of managing their health remotely. They feel more connected with their caregivers and their health center. The simplicity of Digital House Calls improves patient care because it’s easier for patients to be engaged, informed, and involved in their individual care.

Please see this video on how CAREMINDr is Transforming Care:

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